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    POTW winner for week ending 12-27-03

    Congratulations Loft your photo ’‚’‚…‚’‚Ή¦‚“See & Wait’‚’‚…‚’‚…Ύ‚ has been voted POTW

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    Best Regards,
    BytePhoto Administrator

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    fotoman91 Guest

    Congrats, Loft!

    I really like this image alot! I think you captured something very special when you took this photo. Great job, Loft, I'm very happy for you.

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    cindytoo Guest

    Its a Winner alright

    Congratulations Loft.

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    Thumbs up Congratulations

    Congratulations Loft. Great photo. Very impacting shot.

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    Loft Guest

    Is it nice to win ???

    It depends.
    I am not here on this site to ,,win". I like to share a important part of myself with you:members of ByePhoto and I enyoy all of your votes and/or rankings.Yess., from a 3 > 10 : every comments is always something like a gift.

    Bad or good rankings!

    This is the second time that I winn the POTW but this is the one wich make all diference :Its that boy.Mr unkwon.,Mr.Poor.
    He's from the loozers part of OUR world and your votings made him a winner for the first time in his special life.And I will try to give him this information.
    Its probely his first photo ever!
    The boy had nothing.,not even shoes.Now he has a face.

    The POTW this week did't let the best photo's win.,the members where voting for something else.

    So.......thanks for your heart!

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    Thumbs up

    Hi Loft,

    Congratulations!! I still say This pic as with all of the other of yours I have seen, Should be published!!


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    Thumbs up Congratulations

    Very nice photo Loft, and also heartfelt acceptance speech Shows you have true heart where it counts. It seems your trip to Ethiopia really left an everlasting impression on you. Thank you for bringing us a part of the world and lives of its people. Awesome work!!

    Sometimes I do get to places just when God's ready to have somebody click the shutter. -Ansel Adams

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    Thumbs up Well Done Loft

    You deserve it. The photo was superb. Thankyou for sharing it. You add something very special to this site and it's a pleasure having you around.



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    canfan Guest
    Congratulations, excellent shot.

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    Gill Guest
    Great photo Loft. This photo made me keep wanting to look and look again at it. I agree this should be published or just put somewhere where lots of people will see it. It is a very special photo.

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    Congratulations Loft! This is a well deserved honor and one beautiful image.
    "I photograph to find out what something looks like photographed" - Winogrand

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    Congrats Loft... well deserved !!
    Kind Regards.
    BytePhoto Administrator

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    Congratulations, well done

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    davemin Guest

    Thumbs up


    I not only appreciate your skill but the amount of activity you have on this site. You really take helping others seriously and I seriously am glad you're here.

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