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    Study How to Layer a Photo

    by request of Goldie: Thanks for asking

    • In Photoshop open #1 photo the background and #2 photo the object to be layered.

    • Go to the icon on the tool bar on the top of the page that looks like a three part window, in it is a list of controls, the top control is "float all in windows" click on that, it will separate the two images.

    • Click on "layer" on the tool bar and scroll down to "duplicate layer" click on that, press "OK"

    • Note: I have Topaz Labs installed.: Go to "Filter" on the tool bar scroll down to "Topaz Labs" and open scroll to "remask" I use version 2 (I have 3 and can explain that if you want)

    • Select "Brush Size" set to 100% Use "blue brush"

    • out line what you want to save as a cutout with blue.

    • Switch to the "Red Bucket" and pour on the part you don't want to save.

    • You now have red and green divided by blue.

    • Click on " High Quality"

    • move the brush size all the way down to 1%

    • Choose the green brush and with the brush just right click a dot of green on anything (blue or red) you want to cut and save. Do the same with the red on anything you want to cut and discard, until you are happy with results.

    • When HAPPY! Hit the "OK" in the lower right corner.

    • Now you have cutout the object from the image #2

    • With the Cursor pick up and drag it to the Background image #1 and place it where you want it, you can move it around until to lock it in by flatting it.

    • At this point you will want to detail it some more. Magnify to see the edges up close.

    • With the "Erase tool" detail the edges by cleaning the stray pixels, I use a small brush with a soft edge.

    • When HAPPY, Go to the top tool bar and select "Layer" scroll down to "Flatten Image" This will lock the two images together, making them one.

    • Go back over the edge of your inserted image and clean some more.

    • With a very small, soft "blur tool"/ blend brush (side tool box) blend the edges to take way the hard look of an insert. Note your #2 image must match light angle, exposure and contrast.

    Any Questions feel free to ask, I don't know much but what I do know I am willing to share!
    Good Luck!!
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    I found a video to help with Topaz Labs

    YouTube - ‪Masking Made Easy, presented by Greg Rostami‬‏

    Bytephoto is a Topaz Labs Affiliate. This means should you decide to purchase any Topaz Labs products through the link on Bytephoto, Bytephoto receives a small donation for recommending you to their product.
    You still receive the same great prices, but need to click this link so that Topaz Labs knows Bytephoto recommended you

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    Actually: I think that you should buy the bundle, if your serious about photography.

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    Thank you so much!!! As soon as I have some time I'm going to concentrate on trying this - thats what I really like about Byte; most people are so friendly and willing to help. Thanks again. Sue (51goldie)

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