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    Lightbulb Entering the Weekly Contest

    Please note, there is a 25 character limit on file names for upload to Bytephoto
    File size should be no more than 855.

    You can use the pull down menu from the top of the website, see below.
    Click on the top option that says
    "Submit Contest Entry"

    When uploading your photos to the contest,
    be sure to upload directly to the Current Weeks contest.

    Upload photos as user

    After hitting submit, you are given the option to enter a description and key words.

    When uploading directly to the Current Contest as explained above, this will automatically place the photo into your members album where you will then see comments from the contest also show up in your personal member album.

    The Finalists Process:

    You will also notice the admin, me at the end of each week will move the 36 finalists to their own category organized by year, month, and week. See link below

    We now choose 6 finalists for each of the 6 categories for a total of 36 finalists each week.

    Please be sure to read more detailed information from the front page under Info and Policies.
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    Updated directions for new members on how to upload and submit photos.

    Hope this helps

    Sometimes I do get to places just when God's ready to have somebody click the shutter. -Ansel Adams

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