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    Question Sony DSC-W50 & Alpha DSLR-A100 Media Capacity

    I have a Sony DSC-W50 camera and an Alpha DSLR-A100 camera. The DSC-W50 has been rated to work with a 2 GB Memory Stick Pro Duo storage card and the Alpha DSLR-A100 can also use up to a 2 MG Memory Stick Pro Duo storage card (with Compact Flash card adapter) or a 2 GB Compact Flash card, type 2.

    Can either of these cameras use a larger capacity Memory Stick Pro Duo storage card or a larger capacity Compact Flash card (Alpha 100)? If so, what is the max that can be used in either camera?

    The manuals for both cameras say that they have been tested to use up to 2 GB storage cards. I would like to buy a larger capacity card for both cameras if they can be read.

    Thanks in advance for any replies posted in answer to this query.

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    I think at the time both these cameras were out, the capacity of cards was not much past 2 or 4 gig, at least at a price that most could afford.

    If you want to be sure before you purchase, I would see if you could find a friend that has a larger capacity CF card that would let you borrow it to see if it works.

    I'm guessing it would work fine.

    Here is the DP Review comparison


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    A Memory Stick Compatibility chart for Sony Digital Cameras is available at www.esupport.sony.com/perl/support-info.pl?&info_id=12

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    I'm not sure if you got your answer on the size of memory cards for the
    Sony A100 but... I have the A100 and have used 8g compact flash cards in it and recently tried a 16g card. They seem to work fine as far as formatting and storing pictures on them. The 16g is a little quirky in that it indicates that it won't hold any more pics than the 8g (around 400 at the settings I'm using). I don't have any experience with the memory stick or the W50. I've tried (successfully) to avoid the memory stick since Sony seems to be the only one that uses them. I would think that either card would be compatible with any camera that will take a FAT32 formatted card. I recently saw an add for a 32g card that indicated it was compatible with the A100. I'd like to find out though why the camera thinks it can only get ~400 images. It may be a limitation of the number of files you can store in a given folder. I'm not sure that's the answer though. Oh, and I did upgrade the firmware on the A100 to v1.04. I was using the 8g prior to that though so I don't think that will have any impact on the card you can use.

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    I got onto Sony's technical support chat. The agent provided me the following link, which gives Sony's figures on card capacity. The agent tells me that image capacity is the same for either a CF or a Memory Stick Duo.

    Sony eSupport - DSLR-A100 - News & Alerts

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