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    Always liked Pentax

    Never owned a Pentax but hold them in high regard for good quality equipment
    Trying to see if I can vote after I have made 15 posts in the forums. I have made more then 100 photo comments where only 15 are required to be able to vote but I still cant vote. Maybe it helps if I also have 15 forum posts. I am becoming exasperated by this.

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    skeuos Guest
    I've enjoyed Pentax. Is the Panasonic your primary camera? Do you plan on staying with Panasonic?

    The post tally on the left is what needs to hit 15. I think it's only forum posts, but I've seen numbers bounce from time to time, so I'm not sure why. You're almost there, though! I'd recommend going a few past to make sure you stay above 15.


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