I have not visited our dear BytePhoto website for several years. Mainly due to many reasons, being busy here and there. Being preoccupied with many things. But one thing still remains, my interest in photography. However due to so much things happening all around, I was not able to engage in any photographic activity for many years already. However, these past few days, I figured that it would a waste of life if I cannot pursue my hobby even even for a teeny bit of time a week. So, I decided to again look at my gear and try to see the various photography groups which I used to visit and interact with. I remembered our BytePhoto and I again tried to visit this website the other day. And to my surprise, I see some entries for the photo contest but when I looked at the Forum, it seems that people are not interacting since 2017. Anyway, I do not know if this is due to some 'modern' thing... But I would just like to remind people that it would be very nice to see people meeting, discussing, interacting in the Forums. This will again bring life to this nice website... I hope I can again take photographs worth sharing to the group. I shall try to post very soon.