We've just added a trio of recently released cameras to our buying guides.
The Nikon Z6, for which we've completed our full review, can be found in the 'Best Cameras Under $2000' and 'Best Cameras for Video' guides.
The Olympus E-M1X, whose full review is in progress, sits in the 'Best Cameras Over $2000' and 'Best Cameras for Sports & Action'.
Finally, you'll find the Canon EOS RP write-up in the 'Best Cameras Under $1500' guide. Our review of the RP is being written as we speak, so keep an eye out for that.
Best Cameras Under $1500 (EOS RP)
Best Cameras Under $2000 (Z6)
Best Cameras Over $2000 (E-M1X)
Best Cameras for Video (Z6)
Best Cameras for Sports & Action (E-M1X)

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