Western Digital is working on a line of ultra-reliable, ultra-tough SanDIsk memory cards meant for automotive and industrial applications. There will be an automotive SD card for use in vehicles and drones, and three industrial cards in SD, microSD and XI formats, all of which are designed to withstand extreme temperature ranges and provide even better reliability than the manufacturer's standard cards.
It's safe to say you'll have to encounter some pretty extreme climatic conditions to bring these cards to their metaphorical knees. The Industrial SD and microSD cards can be used in temperatures ranging from -13°F to 185°F, while the Industrial XI and Automotive SD cards can take temperatures between -40°F and 185°F.

At 80MB/s and 50MB/s, the cards also offer decent read/write speeds and come with a Status Monitor tool and a number of data protection features. According to a report on AnandTech, samples of the cards are in the process of being distributed to manufacturers. We're just hoping the cards will also be available through retail channels at some point in the nearer future... photographers operating in extreme conditions would definitely appreciate this extra layer of reliability.