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Patent Reform Breifing in front of Congress April 16th on Capitol Hill, DC

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I've been asked to be a speaker next week in support of Patent Reform to tell my story on our experience.
This is not only huge for me, this is HUGE for anyone and everyone that has or will be shortly hit by patent trolls that sue with very weak patents.

Here is the website setup for the meeting

this photo is from the link I shared over on my Facebook page, I know not all of you have Facebook accounts.

So, next week I will be announcing the April Week #14 winners from Capitol Hill in DC... how cool is that (Animated)" smilieid="18" class="inlineimg" border="0">

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  1. MikeEPhoto's Avatar
    Good Luck Ruth. Hopefully the reasonable people will expedite a solution to this increasing problem. Litigation or should I say malicious litigation is going to ruin this country. You are my hero.

    Cheers to you, Mike