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  1. Patent owner balks at fee award, cites newly issued-and similar-patent granted 4/7/16

    you can also clck the link to see all the coments of outraged ARStech members


    Law & Disorder / Civilization & Discontents

    Patent owner balks at fee award, cites newly issued—and similar—patent

    Changing "consisting" to "comprising" results in a new patent grant.

    by Joe Mullin ...

    Updated Apr 16th, 2016 at 06:58 AM by RTaylor

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  2. Judge Joseph Irenas NJ dies at 75

    Some of you who aren't on Facebook may not have seen me post this.
    We were notified by our team of attorneys that the judge who has been assigned our case since September "Garfum vs Reflections by Ruth"
    passed away on October 16th after falling and hitting his head in the court parking area on October 14th.
    Our condolences to his family and colleagues during this sad time.

    We haven't been notified yet as to which judge our case will be assigned for the decision of ...
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  3. EFF Asks Court to Order Patent Bully to Pay Attorneys’ Fees

    Electronic Frontier Foundation
    Defending your rights in the digital world


    Updated Jun 28th, 2015 at 05:30 PM by RTaylor

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