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  1. Ashbridges Bay Toronto Canada Sunrise No 1

    by on Aug 1st, 2016 at 09:14 AM (The Learning Curve Photography)

    From a series of color photos of mornings spent enjoying the sunrise at Ashbridges Bay and surrounding areas in Toronto Canada.

    Original photography using a Canon EOS T1i body. Hand painted in Photoshop.

    Thanks for lookin!

    Brian Carson
    The Learning Curve Photography
    on Instagram at ...
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  2. Patent owner balks at fee award, cites newly issued-and similar-patent granted 4/7/16

    you can also clck the link to see all the coments of outraged ARStech members


    Law & Disorder / Civilization & Discontents

    Patent owner balks at fee award, cites newly issued—and similar—patent

    Changing "consisting" to "comprising" results in a new patent grant.

    by Joe Mullin ...

    Updated Apr 16th, 2016 at 06:58 AM by RTaylor

    Tags: garfum, patents
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  3. Consumerist Article on Bytephoto

    Last year, a small hobbyist photo-sharing website decided to fight back against a lawsuit alleging that it infringed on a bizarre patent covering virtually the entire concept of online voting. The patent-holder plaintiff subsequently dropped the case after a heavy-hitting advocacy organization got involved, but the court has ordered the plaintiff to fork over thousands of dollars in legal fees for its “unreasonable” conduct.
    The backstory: Since 2003, a site called has been ...
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  4. VICTORY!! Garfum ordered to pay attorney fees

    Electronic Frontier Foundation
    Defending your rights in the digital world

    Search form


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  5. Toronto Street Photography on 2016.03.03

    by on Mar 3rd, 2016 at 06:46 AM (The Learning Curve Photography)

    Black and White street photography from in and around the Toronto Canada area.
    All photos are original photography using a Canon EOS 60D body with a Sigma 17-70mm f2.8 DC Macro OS lens and Silver EFEX Pro as a Lightroom plugin for the B&W conversions.

    Top to bottom:

    • Stop Look And Listen
    • Subway Music Lawrence West Station
    • Summertime Funtime ...
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  6. Under the Sweetgum Tree

    I stole my first kiss, do you remember? You were eight and I nine under the Sweetgum tree.
    Your cheeks were flushed, smile shy and your deep blue eyes captured my heart.
    All other kisses in life would be judged by that one kiss.
    I felt like a king and you my queen......Under
    Tags: prose
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  7. Judge Joseph Irenas NJ dies at 75

    Some of you who aren't on Facebook may not have seen me post this.
    We were notified by our team of attorneys that the judge who has been assigned our case since September "Garfum vs Reflections by Ruth"
    passed away on October 16th after falling and hitting his head in the court parking area on October 14th.
    Our condolences to his family and colleagues during this sad time.

    We haven't been notified yet as to which judge our case will be assigned for the decision of ...
    Tags: death, eff, garfum
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  8. Arstechnica article on: EFF Asks Court to Order Patent Bully to Pay Attorneys’ Fees

    Law & Disorder / Civilization & Discontents

    EFF, having won patent fight over photo contests, wants its opponent to pay tried to "extort money from a vulnerable small business," says EFF.

    by Joe Mullin - Jun 23, 2015 5:29pm EDT, Share


    The Electronic Frontier Foundation has advocated against problematic technology patents for ...
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