View Full Version : Z760 Syncing Albums back to Camera?

Nov 27th, 2006, 01:43 AM
I have 35 pictures on my Z760, actually the memory card in the camera, they all transferred into one large folder using the EZ software from Kodak...After looking at them, I grouped them into folders via the software from Kodak.

Can that information, the grouping be synced back to my camera? If so, how?

I ask because I have some photos I'd like to keep on the camera, and was looking to avoid manually deleting 34 images.

Thanks in adavance..I'm very new to this.

Nov 27th, 2006, 06:41 AM
why would you want them back onto the camera?
I dont think the camera will recognize a folder named differently than what it creates.

you can try but first back up your pictures someplace like a CD.
Format your card in the camera.

then you will need a card reader that accepts your camera card $19.99 for most at a Best buy or similar store.

Then just plug in the card reader into your computer, and insert the camera card into the card read, then copy the pictures over .

BEWARE!! , that using your card to copy pictures back onto can also cause read errors and you will eventually not be able to use the card.
I've had it happen twice to me and have seen others here and other websites have the same problem.