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Jun 3rd, 2006, 11:58 AM
Question: I put my Kodak digital cam on the dock and it is green then i
hit the one touch button and it dont transfer pics?This started
happening a few days ago..my dock went nuts..so i uninstalled the
software then reinstalled it.I looked for the drivers i couldn't find
any.The other prob is that when i install the software and add the usb
port when plugged in u dont hear the beep noise that tells u the
hardwear has been excepted..so its like not installing the imaging
device.I have tried everything on this site.Now the cam works but i
can't transfer the picks anyway..tried the usb port without the dock
nothing.Please get back to me A.S.A.P.-
Click on the plus sign under USB Controllers and
list all the details therein.-Universal Serial Bus Controller --
intel(r)8280AA USB Universal Host Controller
USB Root Hub
-Click on the plus sign under Imaging Devices and
confirm if your camera is listed.Ezonics Webcam II
-Do you see flashing green light on your camera?No it is steady no
-Is your Dock a Printer Dock?No
-Are you plugging the dock on the front USB port, or USB extension? USB
Also, we would highly appreciate if you could
provide the details of the following:
Kodak Software Name and version:Kodak Easyshare Software
Camera Model:CX4300
Operating System:Windos Xp
Exact error message you receive (If any):The only way i get a error
message is when i click my transfer dock button then i go to the kodak
icon to hit Transfer and the error thing comes up says "A connected
Device can't be found.Connect a device & refresh...there are no addded
Hardwares..there..So i am thinking maybe i need drivers?I have also
tried to add hardwear by hitting the add hardwear then selecting to see
if there is a a kodak camer there nothing there.Then i also try under
the Camera and scanner icon...its gives me the select a manufacter then
i scoll to Kodak it only give me 3 kodak models to pick from they are
..Kodak DC200,DC210,DC215 ..I don't see mine.

anyone have any suggestions?

Jun 3rd, 2006, 09:58 PM
Uninstall all KODAK software. Unplug USB from computer to dock. With out the KODAK software see if you can download pictures via the microsoft picture software that your computer came with. If you can you know the USB is working. If you can not you may have something wrong with your computer.

Reinstall KODAK software with the dock USB unplugged. Once your done plug in the dock and try to DL a picture.

Jun 8th, 2006, 08:24 PM
well i tried that i don't have windows picture it....but i did try to use my photoshop didnt work..now i know this ports works i had my webcam hooked to the one i just placed my kodak up to....i also uninstalled the webcam...so i know that port works..the other port i used for my kodak and my scanner....is still working also....now when i plug the kodak usb port in eithor of the ports they dont have bong sound saysing that ur computer recognizes the hardware. i have tried this kodak on my brothers computer it wont work there eithor. and it use to. Could this be drivers?I can't get them for this model..I am starting to think it is the Usb Cable.Ty for your help.

Jul 30th, 2006, 04:54 AM
July 30, 2006

I also have a Kodak CX4300.

Windows XP identified it okay for about two years then suddenly stopped finding the camera one day.
I believe the problem is in the camera firmware chip.
I have 30 years experience in PC repair and I
can tell you that the only other reason that the
camera may not be identified by XP is that a USB
Hub setting may not be set properly in the
Power Management settings.

To transfer photos from the SD card, you can simply
buy an inexpensive card reader for about $7 from
your favorite discount department store.

Hope that helps! :)

Aug 8th, 2006, 11:35 AM
well i might just buy one of those readers. I thought it might be the usb cord? i have had this since 2002 i always had to update the drivers.I tried to find them this time and some sites had them but u had to pay to get it.I am gonna check the reader today at walmart.I also layed away a new kodak cam it's a 4.0.I don't think i can use my old doc..be nice.Ty for the advice.I have another ? not pertaining cams just a computer.If u could hit me up on yahoo i will tell you about it. name is alientwilight21 or just email alientwilight21@yahoo.com .