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Apr 6th, 2006, 11:34 PM
I purchased a 2 GB SD card for my Kodak P 850. The camera formatted it properly and it worked fine - until I had a gig in the card, when the camera suddenly said that there were no images on the card. The display still showed the correct number of pictures remaining, and every time I shot a picture, the number decremented correctly.

When I put the card in a card reader, it reports the correct amount used, but neither the camera nor the Kodak Software can detect most of the images. Kodak tech support is not much help - at their recommendation, I upgraded the firmware - no help. Also at their rec, I selected all the visible pictures, transferred them to computer, then deleted them from camera. Kodak said that would free up "virtual memory" and I'd be able to see the rest of the pictures. No joy. I keep asking how to read the binary files on the card directly, and Kodak keeps pretending to not hear the question.

Where can I find the digital binary format that kodak uses to store the photos? I want to move the entire hidden file to my computer, then divide it up into the individual images. Or is there software out there somewhere that can directly read the kodak file format? What appears to have happened is that the camera stomped all over the header file when total storage exceeded 1 gig.

These pictures are irreplaceable, and I'm willing to go to great lengths to retrieve them.

Thanks in advance,

Apr 22nd, 2006, 03:53 PM
Mike...............I would go to this site and ask the same quetion of Mike O'Brian and others. Mike uses that site and he works for KODAK.