• Categories - Voting Selection

    Each week, 36 finalists are chosen for the contest by the admin; 6 photos in 6 categories (listed below). All members are eligible to vote each week for 1 photo in each of the 6 categories. When voting, you MUST vote in EVERY category. With so many good entries each week, it is inevitable that deserving photos may not be included. If not chosen, and it happens to the finest photographers, we encourage members to resubmit their photos to future contests preferably at least 4 weeks from the original submission so that the same images are not submitted in back to back weeks.

    Members can submit up to 2 photos each week. They can be for the same or different categories although only one photo per category per member will be chosen for the finals. If you feel that a submitted photo not chosen is of a high quality, we encourage you to resubmit at least 4 weeks from the original submission.

    Once a photo has been chosen for the finalists to be voted for POTW, it may not be resubmitted again to the weekly contest, even if it does not win 1st or 2nd place.

    If you receive a critique with a suggestion to improve a photo, it is your choice to make that change or not before the end of the current weeks contest. If changed, be sure to leave a comment concerning the improvements and/or corrections.


    People / Journalism
    Any image of People including Portraiture, Journalism or Candid, as long as there is a person or persons included. Can also include a scenic image with people, or people with animals or any other animate or inanimate object, especially when it leans toward Journalism. May include color or black & white.
    Scenic / Nature
    Any outdoor landscape, seascape or nature related scene including cityscape. People and animals may be included but not as the main subject at close up range. Structures and buildings may be included, but are not limited to this category. May include color or black & white.
    Animals / Wildlife
    Includes all Animals and can also include Insects. May also include people if they are interacting with the animals such as horse races or similar. May include color or black & white.
    Still Life / Structures/
    Still Life - Includes inanimate objects; for example, plants, flowers or food arranged in a pleasing layout. Can also include buildings or structures since they are considered inanimate objects. May include color or black & white.

    Macro - Includes close-ups of subject. Entries should be 1:1 or larger but not required. Subject can include flowers, insects but is not limited to any specific subject. May include color or black & white.]
    Black & White / Sepia

    Includes any subject in a gray scale, sepia or monotone with subject matter in any of the 5 other categories.
    Abstract / Digital Art / Other
    Abstract - Includes subjects like close ups of buildings, inanimate objects when the design and lines at close up range are presented in an abstract format. May also include people or animals. Can also include in camera intended motion blur shots with the idea of creating an abstract view. May include color or black & white.

    Digital Art - Includes any photograph taken by the photographer where computer technology is used to create a unique piece of artwork. The photo and all components of photo must be the members own photography and/or creation. The use of public domain images is NOT allowed. Images that are in the "Public Domain" are not allowed in whole or part in any of the above categories.

    Other - Includes any image for whatever reason does not fit within any of the above categories. Extreme HDR may fit into this category depending on the subject.
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